“No Tags” is the encounter of violinist Machiko Ozawa and Los Milonguitas, a Tango trio conformed by Simone Tolomeo on bandoneon, Sebastián Noya on double bass and Pablo Murgier on piano. Influenced by the works of Astor Piazzolla and Horacio Salgán, No Tags takes the sounds that forged the avant-garde of Tango and merges them with the sounds of our time. The group integrates the influences of all its members, all of which participate in Tango, Chamber Music and Jazz projects. The premise of composing a repertoire of original Tango compositions, has brought No Tags to its own synthesis of a XXI century Tango language. The group’s repertoire depicts the Classical, Avant-guard  and Contemporary eras of Tango. Their first Album, “Azimut Project”, recorded between July 2019 and February 2020 in Paris and produced by the Collectif ¿ Por qué no ?, contains original compositions that gather the diverse influences of No Tags’ members. Orientated to the deterritorialization of Tango, Azimut intends to rid the genre of the connotations of time and place that stigmatise the genre.